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Role: Marketing Automation Assistant

Content By Katie is a small but busy boutique content marketing automation agency based in Queenstown, NZ. 

By small, I mean it's just me ...Hi! I'm Katie! 

I help businesses across NZ and Australia create and optimise content marketing and sales campaigns, supported by automation software, mainly Hubspot.

What is achieved

  • Attract new and returning visitors to a website

  • Convert traffic as subscribers to grow the CRM

  • Nurture subscribers to convert to customers

  • Leverage customers to acquire referrals and reviews

Ways this is done

  • Clear segmentation of CRM data and optimisation of data on-ramps

  • Planning and creation of thoughtful and useful content that speaks to real customers

  • Scale empathetic conversations using marketing platforms and automation tools, such as Hubspot email, landing pages and social media.

  • Test, analyse and optimize automation for constant improvement


Company values

  • There is no right or wrong way to do things, just decisive action and consistent reflection for learning and improving

  • Make the technology work for the customer, so the customer doesn't end up working for the technology

  • The best way to convert leads is to not lose the ones you already have

  • Keep it smart and simple

  • Protect the process, do the work and the results will follow


About the role (Queenstown-based)

  • 1-2 days per week

  • Based in central Queenstown, NZ

  • Daily rate to be negotiated


Due to a growing client-base, I now need another pair of hands!

This role will require you to bring your brain and ambition to the table - anyone can learn how to use automation software not everyone loves it and appreciates its power.


The ideal person for this role identifies as a self-starter and creativity enthusiast, who loves to learn.  You work best with autonomy and flexibility, due to your self-starting nature, but also appreciate that true results come from collaboration and teamwork, so is always open to other ideas.


You believe that ‘done well and with intention is better than perfect’, as there is always room for improvement so long as you are brave enough to acknowledge and act on it.


You ideally have experience in content marketing and are keen to elevate your skills by learning more about marketing automation. After an initial trial period, you’ll be given your own account to run, with my support. I will be there to train you as required, and you will be there to bring your own ideas to the table. I want you to grow and love the process!


You day could consist of any or all of the below tasks;


  • Social media content planning and creation

  • Marketing email scripting

  • Automation planning & building

  • Proposal updates

  • Project management

  • Client management


Ideal Hard skills

  • Social media platforms

  • Canva or similar

  • Marketing copywriting

  • Google Drive suite

  • Project management software - ideally

  • Hubspot or other CRMs (such as Mailchimp)


Soft skills required

  • Co-operative & collaborative

  • Empathetic towards customers, clients, and audiences

  • Organised & forward-thinking

  • Intrinsically driven - you do it for the love of it!

  • Loves to learn

  • Embraces technology - you get a thrill from using it, as opposed to it spooking you

  • Likes to have a laugh

To apply, please email your CV and a brief cover letter about why you're interested in the role to